Our plant

Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Voronezh Mechanical Plant” having experience of many years at the present time represents complex multi-directional enterprise that manufactures production for different industries. Production of liquid propellant rocket engines serves as the foundation of the enterprise.

Liquid rocket engines for Soyuz, Soyuz-TM, Progress and Proton space launch vehicles, for Salyut and Mir long-term space stations, and for Energia-Buran unique space complex were produced in recent decades. In this years new “space” technologies that have never been used in our country before were mastered, new steel and alloy grades were developed, unique test-bench equipment was manufactured. At the present time the plant is developing production of units and aggregates for Angara and Rus’ carrier rockets.

The plant’s experience gathered over the last years and the increased scientific-and-technological potential allowed to master the manufacture of a wide range of oil and gas equipment, turbo compressors, composite aggregates for diesel locomotive engines and other equipment. The VMP’s import substituting oil and gas equipment production had a significant effect on the oil and gas industry in Russia. 

Achievements of the VMP were marked many times with Russian Federation Government Prizes for science and technology and for quality achievements. ISO 9001 Certification (International Organization for Standardization) has confirmed a high quality level of all the products produced by the VMP.

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