Geography of deliveries

Equipment with the VMP mark has approved itself as safe and reliable in operation in field conditions of Russia, Central Asia, Far East, in shelf zones of Far North and Caspian.

Competitiveness of oil and gas equipment is provided by utilization of double purpose technologies developed for liquid rocket and aviation piston engine production. Among them there are:

  • precision castings;
  • new generation of sealing materials, including memory form effect;
  • metal-to-metal seal design, reliably operating at pressures 70-105 MPa in agressive environment.

Main operation characteristics:

  • applied classes of material are from AA to FF according to the product destination;
  • aggressive environment - H2S up to 35% and CO2 up to 20%
  • operating medium temperature is from -60 up to +100°C;
  • operating pressure is from 14 up to 105 MPa;
  • drift diameter is up to 450 mm;
  • quality levels: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3.