Products and services

  • Voronezh Mechanical Plant has been producing rocket engines for the government space programs from the moment of rocket-and-space industry establishment in Russia. With participation of the VMP the launch vehicles Vostok, Soyuz, Soyuz-TM, Progress, Proton, Energia-Buran were developed; the heavy automatic stations Kosmos, Ecran, Raduga and Gorizont were injected into the Earth orbit. The VMP engines overcame the Earth gravity delivering interplanetary space vehicles to Mars, Venus, and to the Halley comet.
  • Oil-and-Gas Equipment
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    Today VMP is the unique production facility in Russia and in CIS countries which produces aviation piston engines. A number of engines such as M9F, M9FS and M5 are developed on the basis of the M14P engine
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    Voronezh Mechanical Plant acting in new and rigid market environment uses advanced technologies for metallurgy. Since 2002 the plant has mastered high quality complex and labor consuming components for the modern high-power diesel engine D49 by request of the PJSC “Kolomensky zavod”
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    The VMP has three directions of casting blocks manufacture and one direction of the hot-forming method for blocks manufacture: Investment casting (IC); ferrous and nonferrous casting into the sand-clay and self-hardening forms; nonferrous casting into the metal moulds and pressure casting (PC); stamping and forging of blocks made from nonferrous, alloy and high-alloy metals.
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    Instruments, tool sets and nonstandard equipment for development of novel products and equipment of serial items are produced in the workshops of Instrumental Production.